Arabeschi di latte – food events

27 Apr

Futurist dinner

Dinner in Verona

The group of  five young Florentine architects created in 2001, Arabeschi di Latte, is a creative conglomerate about food and the passion for being together around food. Francesca Sarta, Alessandra Foschi, Silvia Allori, Francesca Pazzagli and Francesca Sorga make “eating events” between art, fashion and a live show, occasions where food is the instrument to create relations, pleasure and socialization. Also creativity at its most! They do them at homes or in the piazzas, with the active participation of the public. I wanted to do a dinner with them at Palazzo Forti: we had planned on having hundreds of green apples all lined up that would be peel all twirled and the apple peel would become the carpet. Didn’t happen. The catering aspects are inspired by the everyday and the popular culture. They even opened up a shop called Mia Market in Rome. Don’t live there, so can’t see their stuff. But they did do this dinner in Verona and a Futurist dinner too. Love them.


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