String gardens – gardens into the void

27 Apr

hanging garden

The plants of the designer and independent dutch artist Fedor Van Der Valk are fantastic fairy tale architctural structures in the air, hanging from the ceiling, floating by invisible means using nylon thread. Poetic, magic and very scenic, in the artists studio in Amsterdam you can admire hundreds, some immersed and regenerated in huge pools of water. Their fraility, their roots are running about themoss and earth that holds them, homage to the precarity and the beauty of life. Last summer, the gardener/artist declared that his drea was to “open a tea room with an art galelry where I could hang my plants and other creations.” I think I want to go see these creations and maybe he should have a talk with Giuseppe: he is only missing hanging tropical plants from the ceiling in our living room!


One Response to “String gardens – gardens into the void”

  1. MUMMY KARCH May 23, 2010 at 1:09 am #

    These plants are hanging from the ceiling and are growing with flowers opening their buds. It takes all my time to just keep a small garden and this guy grows them like this. I wonder if he sprinkles the earth with water every day. They have to be watered. Yes, Let’s see Giuseppe tackle something like this. Can you just imagine, bumping into cacti hanging from your ceiling…now that would not be funny..
    By the way, am I the only one who writes comments. I love your work but it takes a long time to get to see everything. But I will…xxxx

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