Wine Cellar in Tramin near Bolzano – archi-future

30 Apr

This is one of our favorite places for wine – we have had many good drinking memories of fine Gewurztraminer and Muller Turgau. We actually biked there when Christian was 4 and on the bike chair on my bike and we did all the vineyards around the area, staying at a lovely Agriturism in Tramin/Termeno.

This little town, nestled amongst vineyards in the sun in the main Adige valley is an magical place.

Now they have opened ANOTHER architectural enterprise, besides the local cantina in Caldaro and this looks like the place to visit.  It’s an architectural sculpture that looks like a creeping vine that encloses the new building of the Cantine Tramin designed my Arch. Werner Tschool of Bolzano. The structure of the building continues the natural growth of vineyards around the building, in Alto Adige, where many small wine growers contribute to the local coop cantina/cellar. There is around 20,000 sq mt dedicated to  a museum, sales, and a working area. The cantina won the best bottle of wine of 2010 for the Gewurtraminer Terminum Vendemmia Tardiva 2007.

We are going to HAVE to go there on one of our next motorcylce trips and taste them all!,


One Response to “Wine Cellar in Tramin near Bolzano – archi-future”

  1. MUMMY KARCH May 1, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    This looks like an enormous building. I can’t imagine it being a cosy Italian winery with its ultra modern structure. I am not questioning the wine; I am sure it is of excellent but the building…….

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