Artists_Damien Hirst at Montecarlo

2 May

hirst cornucopia2

For the centenary of the Oceanographic Museum in Montecarlo,

Oceanographic Museum Montecarlo

an historical building of great importance and tradition, the museum invited “Bad British Boy” Damien Hirst to show his exhibition “Cornucopia”, a very strong and impressionable exhibition on the relationship between art, science and existence.


 In 60 historical works (recent history of course for Hirst), he attacks life and death, human fragility and oblivion. So we see the estatic  colourful and shining butterfly mandalas, which I find are extremely evocative and touching

hirst_ butterflies

the series of  “spin paintings”, which are fantastic color-amas of discs that would be great as an outdoor table in the garden (for me at least),

hirst_spin paintings

His black monochromatic intense paintings, which look like Pizzi-Cannella’s candelier works and are very moving and flightful,

damien hirst – requiem_ white roses and butterflies, 2008

naplesblack works

the fly paintings, made with millions of flies all glued on (yuck) 

fly paintings

 and of course, his famous boxes of sharks, cows and cut up animals, that have great and inticing titles such as


which is outside,and of course his medical bodies that teach us all about ourselves.


Now that is what I call a RETROSPECTIVE! All this surrounded by the acquariums with over 4000 species of fish, skeletons and objects. So if you happen to be in Montecarlo, you must go and see it!


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