2 May

Assessment Rubric for drawing                                                                           DATE: _____________________

DRAW WHAT YOU SEE!                                                                                          Name:_____________________

Objective:  Using the steps for observational drawing, create an accurate still life drawing of the objects that has a visual path, positive and negative space and a wide value range.

Have someone else grade your drawing first, then turn it in to be graded.

Performance Indicator

Excellent              Good                Satisfactory           Needs improvement                   Unsatisfactory

22.5-25              20-22                 17.5 -19.5                        15-17                                                 0-14.5

____/25  Objective: Concept Understanding

  1. You drew the still life in pencil from observation
  2. You used materials and followed steps correctly
  3. You completed all parts of the rubric and included it when turning in your drawing

____/25 Design: Creativity and Originality

  1. You used thumbnail sketches to plan your drawing
  2. You considered your visual path to create an interesting composition
  3. You filled the page and used positive and negative space creatively

___/25 Studio Skills: Effort and Perseverance

  1. You started lightly with the basic shapes
  2. You checked for accuracy
  3. You show form and space by layering values
  4. You fine tuned and added details

____/25 Presentation

  1. Your drawing has no tears, smudges or stray marks
  2. You took the time to complete your best drawing.

 _____/100                                                                Peer Assessment by_____________________     

 ____/100                                                            Teacher Assessment, date: ________________

What did you learn from this drawing that you did not know before in other drawings you have done?                                                                                                                                                   

 What aspect of your drawing is the most successful?

What aspect of your drawing would you continue to improve on?


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