Techniques of Messages – Annette Messager

2 May

‘I like to tell stories… children’s stories are monstrous,’ Annette Messager has said, and much of her work of the last four decades is based on toys and childhood. Remains II (Family (II), 2000.

A wave of material that invades the wall (alla Tony Cragg and Michelangelo Pistoletto but this time is a female). Pieces of coloured wool hanging down the wall with clothes and objects that become wall decoration, luxurios landscapes of plastic and synthetic fur dominated by stuffed animals. She is the icon of French art, Annette Messager that was on at the Hayward Gallery and the Mori Art Museum.


French, class of ’43, Annet has fun mixing dfferent visual roots: she likes to give anxiey, fairytales and realty. As in Remains (first photo) where she mixed costumes, toys and stuffed animals broken up to tell the story of youth that flowers.

“I have the illusions of  everyone, the same desire of love, anxiety for time that has passed.

And these fears bring me towards playing, almost like an exorcism”

Check out the Guardian Cultura Podcast with a private view with Adrian Searle.

 I like these works, they bring me memories, they take me places. She did  the whole French pavillion at the Biennale di Venezia in 2005, I remember it well.

” Pinocchio è un birichino ed è un’immagine di noi: il bello e il brutto; il lato oscuro, cattivo, in ombra e il lato meraviglioso, pieno di fantasia degli esseri umani.”


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