The wapping project

3 May

wrapping project

 The Londoner Jules Wright, set designer for the theatre and cinema is an inventor of innovative spaces. The cult Wapping Project is the new deal, an industrial archeological site transformed into an intelligent artistic and performance space and restauant that is a cool and “in” place to go. All placed in an austere 1900’s building where steel, zinc and cement overrun the place.

Jules this year ran the installation at the Swarovski Crystal Palace Exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April, an incubator for cutting edge design, demonstrated the merging of art,design, science and technology. Each of the 4 designer’s creative expression was captured in single room installations,captivating the imagination of each visitor. The final designs were a combination of sculptural pieces, art objects,or works which had a decidedly architectural quality. The exhibition brought on board the The Wapping Project in London and with a  background in theatre,  created a mise-en-scène that brought dramatic life to the different designers’ works.

I’m a director of public spaces. I treat design like a live performance”.,




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