Hay baths in the Alps – Natur & Activ Hotel

5 May

alto adige

 At Hotel Rogen  you breath the warm hospitality of Monika and Ewald, the owners of the alto tesina hotel. It is on the borders of the town of Spinga, in Val d’Isarco (yes where down hill skiing is done). The rooms are decorated with wood, they have a covered pool and a wellness center with sauna,  turkish bath and watermassage. In their special cabins you can try the traditional hay baths. They are great fun: you are covered in fresh hay from your head to your toes, then are wrapped in a thermal blanket that gets dropped into 35° hot water and you basically bake in hay. They you get lifted out, cleaned off with a special sponge (by a beautiful lady and you are nude!) and then placed in a nice room with a warm blanket to relax. And for those of you who have allergies, like me, nothing happens! Those fresh Alpine flowers only do you good!

Natur & Activ Hotel, Hotel Rogen www.hotel-rogen.it



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