Grotta di Fumane, the prehistoric cave, discovered by Giuseppe’s uncle Giovanni Solinas

10 May

The Grotta di Fumane  (Riparo di Solinas)

riparo Solinas

is known as one of the most important monuments of ancient prehistory. The rich archeological finds conserved in the deposts of the cave represent an exceptional documentation on the  the way of life of the  Neanderthal and the first Modern Man that lived in Europe around 35,000-34,000 years ago. This historical site is of extreme interest or understanding the large biological and cultural change that happened in human evolution.

Grotta di Fumane

 In this cave, the archeologists have found the most ancient cave painting, the “shaman”. The grotto, inside the Parco Naturale Regionale della Lessinia, just north of Verona, is open to visitors  through a suggestive educational programming that allows you to enter the grotto, examine the various stratifications and the paleolithic structures  of the place, going through the footsteps of Ancient Man and of the “Shaman”.

I went to visit the Grotto in the summer at 11.00 pm so we could have the experience of prehistoric man, with the sounds and lights of the firefires that he would have seen. It was very suggestive and an excellent experience for someone to have.

And Giuseppe, my husband’s uncle Giovanni Solinas, a paleontolgist, discovered it many years and that is why it is called “Reparo Solinas”.


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