MAXXI – museo delle arti del xxi secolo, roma

21 May


Finally a new museum in Italy! One that is needed in this country of museums, but a NEW MUSEUM of New culture  in a city of antiquities and museums every corner you turn. Instead of looking to the past, which they often do in Italy, its time to look to now and the future! Ecco the Maxxi Museum of the 21st century!

Two museums (one for art, one for aruchitecture), an auditorium, a library, a coffee shop, a restaurant, lots of gallery space for temporary exhibits or educational programming and to top it off, a huge piazza for live events!

(check Wall Street Jouranal Europe, “Rome turns to new art, the New Maxxi will try to return the city to its role as an art-world leader”)

The building is designed by archi-star Zaha Hadid,

Dancing Towers, Zaha Hadid

 will open its doors May 30 ( I will NOT be there), after 3 days of opening ceremonies (I WISH  I was there! I love these social occasions! I miss them now that I’m not opening exhibitions anymore – there are none!). Lots of exhibits are opening the new building, so instead of going only to the Pantheon, you have to see this place!


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