THAT QUILT – victoria and albert museum, london

21 May

Tracy Emin. Patchwork

You know, I love quilts. My grandmother, Nanny, made quilts all by hand. My Auntie Shirley, good seamstress that she is, made many many quilts for her daughters, but never gave me one (boo hoo!) . I tried to make my quilt here in Italy when they didn’t even know what they were. Now patchworking and quilting is a big business, but I don’t have a sewing machine, so I do everything by hand and real quilting is not possible.

I love sewing by hand, and with all my speciality interior designer materials, I make all sorts of things…in front of the tv and ruining my eyes and I do it, stitch by stitch.

Quilting is the beginning of women’s art – Judy Chicago, one of the first well known WOMAN artist’s did quilting in an artistic way and got recognition as an artist for it.

This exhibition tells about 300 years of quilts, covers, blankets and textile art. The V&A is hosting an exhibit called Quilts 1700-2010 tahta explores the artistic and philosphic side of patchwork. It really is slow moving, but also real women’s art, as is Michele’s, my sister, who sews and sews and sews her art.

We are all sewers in our family, the quiet artistic hand held type.


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