Artists_Tino Sehgal

23 May

tino sehgal

Kids that play without toys. Museum custodians that do a striptease in front of the public.  Kissing couple on the floor of the Guggenheim in New York.

at the guggenheim

These are a few of the of the “works” of Berlin artist Tino Sehgal, 32 years old. He had a big personal exhibition at the Villa Reale of Milano, organized by the Fondazione Trussardi, which was a huge success.

“You can miss them” because his works don’t leave any trace: no fotos (besides these ones) or videos.

Sehgal prefers that everything remains in the mind and memory of those who look or see it.

The critics love him for his use of non-materialism and he is quite high on the business side $$ (he sells his work by verbal contract, however the money is real!)

For him, art is like an orgasm: it comes and goes in a second. But you remember it for a long time.

check out about his show in march, an empty museum with people wandering around doing things.



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