1 Functions of Art _Canaletto (Antonio Canal)

24 May

Function – telling a story of where we live, artistic expression of time and place

(b.1697–d.1768)  Venetian born, Canaletto studied with his father, Bernardo Canal, a theatrical scene painter.  He studied in Rome, and painted throughout Europe

In Venice, he painted the Venetian scenes he’s best known for:  far-off vistas, detailed scenes of daily life in Venice, architectural accuracy, broad views, rich colors.  Some of his most famous works are:  

View of the Grand Canal

Regatta on the Grand Canal, National Galleries

 The regatta was an annual carnival event in Venice from the 14th century onwards, and continues to this day. While regattas were sometimes held in honour of distinguished visitors, the regatta in the painting appears to be the annual carnival event. The pavilion at the left is a temporary structure from which the prizes were presented. It bears the arms of the Doge Alvise Pisani, who ruled from 1735 to 1741.

Grand Canal Venice with Church of Santa Maria della Salute

View of Venice, Uffizzi Gallery, Florence


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