Artists_Ilya Kabakov _Installation Art

25 May

I built the installation ‘The Man Who Flew into Space in the Corner,’ I glued Soviet posters from inside of it and I would take it down after each showing for fear that they would drop in, understand, and that would be ‘the end of everything.’” -IK

"The Man Who Flew into Space in the Corver"

Installation art is an art-form that many have not explored. Understanding requires a sense of place and space, which can both be skewed depending on if you are ‘here’ or ‘there.’

There are many obstacles to overcome in seeing installments through the eyes of an artist rather than a culturist, says Kabakov.

Kabakov talks about the difference between ‘here’ and ‘there.’

He says ‘that’s why the space where you find yourself in or where something is located or occurring plays the paramount role.’

Why does he say this? Because there is an inseparable connection between the material object and remote meanings that creates a dense contextually around any object, thing, or event.

A decorative house plant between your home and the office are two different things.

A book on a coffee table and that very same book in a museum are two different objects.

The same anxiousness we feel before a test and before receiving an award is interpreted very differently.

How does the ’spirit of the place’ seize you? More importantly, as artists, how can we break these barriers of expectation?

The essence of experiencing installations is delving into the unknown. Once we are put into a place that we are unfamiliar with- a place that we must learn about- we suddenly forget about being ‘here’ and ‘there’ and begin to imaginatively put together this alien space. We don’t draw from our previous experiences, but instead use what is around us now to make our conclusions. Installation art (digital art?) picks up where modern painting has left off.

How, through digital art, can we explore the direct correlation between an object and its ‘environment’?


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