Journaling Quick Tips and Ideas

27 May

Journaling Quick Tips and Ideas

Make a mixed media collage with pastel chalks and acrylic paints Add pieces of paper lace, marbleized paper, real lace, fringes
Use rubber stamp imprints Use numbers or a favorite quotation.

 1.      Exploring Childhood

Explore your own memories of being a child Use images of yourself as a child to reinvent the story of your childhood, including a present day picture of yourself. Reinvent your childhood or affirm actual events
Explore a mix of personal history and insightful documentation Use vintage newspapers.  

 2.      Building up a base

Use gesso to give each page the strength and sturdiness that is important for the multiple layers of color that you can add after. Apply layers of color with water-soluble oil pastels or watercolor crayons to initiate the page with blended color.
Add your own altered travel snapshots, using markers, watercolours and a scratching implement to achieve the various effects, plus some collaged elements and black masking tape to provide contrast. Add successive coatings of gesso and use implements to scrape and scrub down the accumulated surface for a multilayered effect
Use and reuse favorite stamps, images and themes in different ways to push the boundaries of their impact on your pages.  

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