Art Lesson n. 3 – non representational painting – abstract art

5 Jul

This type of painting, as you may well know, does not offer any recognizable images. It is basically the artist who uses elements of design – line, shape, colour, value, space and texture in his/her own way.

Does the work of art suggest a a feeling or an emotion?

What special clues does the title of the art work add to its meaning or intent? Can you guess the title? EMBRACE.

Does the work of art suggest that the artist’s method was spontaneous and quick or slow and precise?

Jackson Pollock Autumn

Answers to these questions will guide your response to non-rep styles.

Think about:

  • relationship of colours
  • think of your own title – choose a title that expresses an idea, not the name of an object
  • how would the use of different colours change the effect of a painting?
    • Mario Scifano
  • What mood would this painting emit if it was all in red?
  • How would a change in texture affect the mood?
  • Imagine this mural if it were all plain or all patterned.

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