Artist_ Valerio Berruti

16 Jul

Valerio Berruti’s work talk about kids that play, kids that are “malinconici” and sweet, kids that sit there and stare, don’t do anything, little girls outlined in dresses and pinafores, with undershirts on.


Family photo albums insiprie him, everyday life inspires him.

I believe in the poetry of the image and in that silence that remains unaltered for years between a work of art and who looks at it.

Valerio Berruti, born 1977, , is already a Art Star. With his series I Wish I Was Special , whose title was inspired by a Creep of Radiohead, investigates the themes of personality and the magic moment when it comes out.

Two little girls that play, hold hands, hold each other, they come close and they move away, they look at each other and they look away.

My friend Tiziano has a Berruti, my lawyer has one. Should I get one? I don’t have a little girl, I can’t appreciate the “little girlness” of the works,  even though I have always wanted a little girl. Is that what it is – the wonderful world of little girls….

Image of Valerio courtesy of


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