Artist_Aron Demetz

18 Jul

Now, this is a new artist for me and I would like to explore his works for you (whoever you are???!!)

Wood for Aron Demetz is what marble was for Canova (for example Le Tre Grazie) : natural, a friend and a beginning point (but also an arrival point) for his whole life. Get it?


Contemporary art is now about video, installations and performance. Forget it, Aron is about chisels, punches and  files: all tools for wood sculpture. He talks about people (like Valerio Berruti does), only using tree trunks, resins and chunks of wood.

Aron lives in Val Gardena, in the Italian Alps and one of my fav places, where forests and mountains condition your every movement. Kids playgrounds and toys, kitchen tools, the sculptures in the little villages: everything is made of wood. So for him, it was a natural choice to use wood as his medium.

He takes a trunk of wood, brings it into the studio, makes a sketch  and turns on the chainsaw (this is not a chainsaw massacre, but a chainsaw creation!). Once he gets the volume that he likes, he redefines it with an axe and then with hot scalpels.

Compare this to Michelangelo Pistoletto, who takes a block of wood, slices an angle from it and adds mirrors.

Log, 1999

The magic from a block of wood! The “Michelangelo” of wood sculpture, for as you know, Michi knew that the figure was inside the marble and had to be sculpted out from the true form that was inside.

Aron does this with his sculptures: they cry to be released from their natural state. 

Well worth a visit.

image of Pistoletto courtesy of


One Response to “Artist_Aron Demetz”

  1. P. Hill July 21, 2010 at 3:52 am #

    Cool. I like his use of wood.

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