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More things like this (Chronicle Books)

21 Jul

This book by Dave Egger looks great. A must to buy, with all these great artists. Don’t know what its about though!!!

check out the Artists in this book:
Amy Jean Porter

All the species, all the time, of lamb 2008


Tucker Nichols
Royal Art Lodge

Postermaking, Royal Art Lodge

or better yet, check out the article in Marie Claire


Illustrator_Leanne Shapton

18 Jul
The taste for images, the talent to talk about things and a creative idea snob about love. Leanne Shapton is an illustrator, writer and designer. A Canadian who lives in the West Village of Manhattan, who has signed great book covers for Penguin, Simon& Schuster and John Murray.

(like this one…Italian cats….)

Today, Leanne is an independent art director and publisher and has a non-profit publishing house specialized in art  books (J&L Books) in NY.

Her first two books “Toronto”,

and  Was she pretty?” are a mix of graphics, writing and colourful pages.

With her latest book, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelryshe has decided to talk about things, like auction artifacts with 300 still lives that tell about a love story.,

Book: The Map as Art

15 Jul

In The Map as Art, (Princeton Architectural Press) Katharine Harmon collects 360 colorful, map-related artistic visions by well-known artists—such as Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, Maira Kalman, William Kentridge, and Vik Muniz—and many more less-familiar artists for whom maps are the inspiration for creating art.

The book is a collection of visionary topographies and imaginary geographies charted by artists including Vik Muniz (there is a work of his at the Palazzo Forti, Verona) who re-creates the globe from pieces of junk amongst others.

I haven’t read it, but it looks like a book I would like to buy and keep. I’m going to look into this through Amazon.

check out a review on

and the national post

Book: My wonderful World of Fashion: A book for drawing, creating and dreaming

13 Jul



Nina Chakrabarti is an illustrator based in London who created her own interactive colouring book for fashionists of all ages with Lawrence King Publishing, with sophisticated drawings that are a pity to colour.,+Creating+and+Dreaming.htm

Dedicated to the growing  trend setters this book is the most fashionable of books to colour in circulation. YOu can have fun reinventing jackets, purses, hats, but its also a how-to manual with the ABC’s of the walkways of fashion. You even have a section called “How to do it yourself”, if you want to become a fashion designer and if you want to transform a dress into a t-shirt or make a great jacket.

drawings courtesy of

Check out the artists site:

Sex (Art) and the City

13 Jul

A Draw-a-thon in NYC! A marathon of drawing and art where, in between avantgarde and voyeurism, punk painters and models in a tutu, posing nude is not even a trasgressive act!

living art

 The artists perform and the people draw…surreal scenes where a room full of people, music, scenes and craziness.  check him out next time your in NYC for the next session!

 foto courtesy of fast forward blog

great article in Marie Claire Italy

Journaling Quick Tips and Ideas

27 May

Journaling Quick Tips and Ideas

Make a mixed media collage with pastel chalks and acrylic paints Add pieces of paper lace, marbleized paper, real lace, fringes
Use rubber stamp imprints Use numbers or a favorite quotation.

 1.      Exploring Childhood

Explore your own memories of being a child Use images of yourself as a child to reinvent the story of your childhood, including a present day picture of yourself. Reinvent your childhood or affirm actual events
Explore a mix of personal history and insightful documentation Use vintage newspapers.  

 2.      Building up a base

Use gesso to give each page the strength and sturdiness that is important for the multiple layers of color that you can add after. Apply layers of color with water-soluble oil pastels or watercolor crayons to initiate the page with blended color.
Add your own altered travel snapshots, using markers, watercolours and a scratching implement to achieve the various effects, plus some collaged elements and black masking tape to provide contrast. Add successive coatings of gesso and use implements to scrape and scrub down the accumulated surface for a multilayered effect
Use and reuse favorite stamps, images and themes in different ways to push the boundaries of their impact on your pages.  

Sketchbooks – Artist’s Journals

27 May

Exploring and Creating Personal Pages

–        pages can be collaged, scribbled or painted

–        each page should describe a unique, singular moment in time

–        an art form completely devoid of rules and absolutely brimming with possibilities

–        art journals are not merely a self-indulgent activity, but something worthwhile, important and vastly creative and self-revelatory

–        the time we give to creating our personal pages, finding out authentic voice and letting it sing is time well spent

–        silence your inner critic and begin to think of your art journal as a companion, a muse, a soul mate.

–        Start with the present moment – the past and future will inevitably end up on your pages, but we all need a place to begin and the present will serve you well.

What has the day been like? Do you want to embrace it or release it? Put that on your page.
Is there a lyric or a line of poetry that keeps cycling through your mind? Record it on your page. Trust that anything that is threading through your mind and heart is fair game for your art journal pages.
A memory A color
An aroma Add color to a white page.

     There is no need to think of your pages as finished, resolved works of art. You are capturing a moment, a passing whim, an impulse worth saving. Best of all you are spending time with yourself, turning your attention toward your own needs and desires. You are putting your ideas and questions into visual form and exploring and debating them.

 The process of keeping an art journal can be a rich and revealing creative experience as well as a remarkable and revelatory exercise in self-expression, moment by moment and page by page.

Artist’s insights

  1. Let splashes  of color define and depict your mood. Words may seem unnecessary; if so, create symbols or icons. Doodles, scribbles and large, expressive writing or drawing all work to create an energetic and personal page.
  2. Conduct a self-interview and record your answers on a page.
  3. Build a collage file of images that you find fascinating or provocative to use on your pages, or discover the enjoyment of recycling the everyday flow of receipts, coupons and junk mail in your artwork.
  4. Collect small leaves from your morning walk and include them on your page along with your thoughts that occurred along the path.