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1 Functions of Art_ Master weavers in British Colombia

24 May

NLakaì'pamux, Canadian Museum of Civilization

Functions of Art – artistic expression of time and place

The NLaka’pamux were master weavers who produced fine garments of elegant design. Woven clothing was used as a replacement when buckskin was scarce, in hot or rainy weather and was worn on certain ritual or ceremonial occasions. The bark and inner fibres of Indian-hemp, willow, cedar and sagebrush provided the main sources of weaving materials. A black coloured lichen (Bryoria fremontii) was used occasionally for vests and moccasins, and rushes and long stemmed grasses for capes. Animal fibres, especially mountain goat wool, were spun and woven into blankets and robes in some of the NLaka’pamux communities.

Woven fabric is made from the interlinking of threads. The warp is a set of long strands cut to the desired length and width of the fabric. The strands are bound together with a crossing thread called a weft. NLaka’pamux garments were usually woven with a technique called twining. To begin, a long weft thread is doubled and looped around the outside warp thread. The thread at the back is brought to the front, and the front thread moves to the back, crossing as they pass between each warp strand. Between each row the weft threads wrap around each other along the selvage, creating a neatly twisted edge.

“I used to remember my grandmother [spinning hemp]… especially in the evening when we’d be sitting around, or any time of the day when she needs to do it. She fixes it up, and then she rolls it and then keeps on adding more if they’re going to make rope, adding and rolling it, adding and rolling it.”
Mandy Brown, Lytton, British Columbia, 1992


1 Functions of Art _Canaletto (Antonio Canal)

24 May

Function – telling a story of where we live, artistic expression of time and place

(b.1697–d.1768)  Venetian born, Canaletto studied with his father, Bernardo Canal, a theatrical scene painter.  He studied in Rome, and painted throughout Europe

In Venice, he painted the Venetian scenes he’s best known for:  far-off vistas, detailed scenes of daily life in Venice, architectural accuracy, broad views, rich colors.  Some of his most famous works are:  

View of the Grand Canal

Regatta on the Grand Canal, National Galleries

 The regatta was an annual carnival event in Venice from the 14th century onwards, and continues to this day. While regattas were sometimes held in honour of distinguished visitors, the regatta in the painting appears to be the annual carnival event. The pavilion at the left is a temporary structure from which the prizes were presented. It bears the arms of the Doge Alvise Pisani, who ruled from 1735 to 1741.

Grand Canal Venice with Church of Santa Maria della Salute

View of Venice, Uffizzi Gallery, Florence

Plan your trip to Italy with me!

11 May

It’s time to fulfill your dreams of travelling to Italy like you have never dreamed of before!

After 25 years living here in Italy, I can arrange unforgettable holidays and events all over this fascinating country, not only in the much loved cities of  Florence and all time favourite Tuscany, but also the lesser known areas such as the Veneto region, which is famous for its beautiful artistic cities like Padua and Venice and the romantic Verona with its famous wines (Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicella) and the nearby jewel  Lake Garda and

The hills of Verona

Lake Garda

and also Trentino Alto Adige in the north which is famous for beautiful mountains, and enchanting landscapes and good food.

Trentino Alto Adige

The most seeked out place now for eco-turismo is trekking in Le Cinque Terre and I can organize your wonderful walk there in a snap!

Vernazza from above by trekking

Do you want to hike and trek or go on bike tours into incredible country villages, through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world on well maintained bike and hiking paths? I can prepare a fitness-nature holiday like you have never experienced in your life! Including hay baths, spas and biological food from some of the most seeked out areas of Italy. Do you want to try rafting or canyoning or going into caves? Don’t worry! How about a walking tour in the Lake District of Lake Como and Maggiore, with a hop over to Lake Lugano! No problem! Don’t forget, we will stay in some of the most prized hotels, or cosiest charme hotels or boutique hotels with fantastic food, worthy of your work out!

biking in the Dolomites

I can also provide a highly exclusive, innovative and personal way in which to travel and entertain in Italy. I offer a range of unique services based upon unparalleled local knowledge and unprecedented access to palaces, homes, art collections, sculpture parks, foundations, museums and galleries throughout Northern Italy.

I specialise in travel planning and create tailor-made itineraries for individuals and small groups interested in visiting, or entertaining in, Italy’s most prestigious museums and monuments, private palaces and art collections, many of which are simply inaccessible to the general public. I take great pleasure in arranging introductions to distinguished and flamboyant figures in the Italian  art world, culture and society. I can take you into their private realms like artist’s studios, wine cellars and private palaces. These fascinating people will play host to my clients and offer an unparalleled experience, one which unveils the hidden realms of a country that one may believe oneself to be familiar with.

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I have worked closely with many of Italy’s well-known institutions on a regular basis, including La Biennale di Venezia,  the Uffizi in Florence, St Mark’s Basilica, The Doges Palace in Venice, Castello di Rivoli in Torino, Museum of Modern Art of Roverto (MART) – Italy’s foremost museum of Contemporary Art.

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Soul searching from long ago

2 May




HAMMURABI cuneiform


My beloved. The delight of my eyes”

So says a poem inscribed in cuneiform in  a lump of clay approximately 4000 years ago.

Daydreaming about your sweetheart may boost inventiveness and help you come up with creative ideas while sexual thoughts may help you solve an analytical puzzle.

So lets D A Y D R E A M