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Artist_Barnaby Barford_Porcelain with wings

21 Jul

For sure, fantasy doesn’t lack in Barnaby Barford’s work. The London artist famous for having stretched the canons of porcelain statues, has created ironic, subversive little sculptures, revolutionizing the classical subjects of a ceramic artist, reinterpreting them in a punk manner.
Check out the series Private Lives with the 1800’s family eating lunch at McDonald’s.

oh please can we keep it mummy?!’

‘shit! now I’m going to be really late!’
© barnaby barford, 2006
porcelain, miliput, enamel paint, painted wooden base

So much for traditional statues on your nice chest of drawers,

Darn I had a Big Mac and got eaten by a Pig who fought a Kung Fu monster who hit Mickey Mouse who was shot by the young shotgunner in a beautiful dress ready to be the Strongest Man in the World.

Got it!!!?? Get it!


Illustrator_Leanne Shapton

18 Jul
The taste for images, the talent to talk about things and a creative idea snob about love. Leanne Shapton is an illustrator, writer and designer. A Canadian who lives in the West Village of Manhattan, who has signed great book covers for Penguin, Simon& Schuster and John Murray.

(like this one…Italian cats….)

Today, Leanne is an independent art director and publisher and has a non-profit publishing house specialized in art  books (J&L Books) in NY.

Her first two books “Toronto”,

and  Was she pretty?” are a mix of graphics, writing and colourful pages.

With her latest book, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelryshe has decided to talk about things, like auction artifacts with 300 still lives that tell about a love story.,

the selby is in your place

22 May

homes, beautiful homes, homes of important people, designer homes, objects and strange objects, paintings and couches, people and strange things, taking pictures of apartments and houses, without being an interior decorator magazine, tables and chairs with pillows and you, glam-terroristic way of shooting your home, very cool and very glossy.

philip starks house

THAT QUILT – victoria and albert museum, london

21 May

Tracy Emin. Patchwork

You know, I love quilts. My grandmother, Nanny, made quilts all by hand. My Auntie Shirley, good seamstress that she is, made many many quilts for her daughters, but never gave me one (boo hoo!) . I tried to make my quilt here in Italy when they didn’t even know what they were. Now patchworking and quilting is a big business, but I don’t have a sewing machine, so I do everything by hand and real quilting is not possible.

I love sewing by hand, and with all my speciality interior designer materials, I make all sorts of things…in front of the tv and ruining my eyes and I do it, stitch by stitch.

Quilting is the beginning of women’s art – Judy Chicago, one of the first well known WOMAN artist’s did quilting in an artistic way and got recognition as an artist for it.

This exhibition tells about 300 years of quilts, covers, blankets and textile art. The V&A is hosting an exhibit called Quilts 1700-2010 tahta explores the artistic and philosphic side of patchwork. It really is slow moving, but also real women’s art, as is Michele’s, my sister, who sews and sews and sews her art.

We are all sewers in our family, the quiet artistic hand held type.

Space Clearing

10 May

How much fun it is to organize and keep everything in order!

I wish I had this space clearing space

Detoxifing our house is like giving you new space- clean up and put away and open yourself up! This is what I am doing now with all my accumulated articles, websites, exhibition reviews…I am taking them all and putting them into once space, all filed away and then they are happy where they are. I have read them, my brain has absorbed all their knowledge, I become richer and now whoever reads my blog can share in this knowledge with me. And I can throw out the article and get rid of paper! Clean up! My mind and myhuge file of articles!

Are you depressed? Clean out your closet.

Difficult to make decisions about life? Don’t do all the useless stuff that takes up your time (like maybe writing this blog, but I don’t think so). Finally space clearing is coming to Italy! It means cleaning up the space around you and get rid of cluter and junk that accumulates in your rooms and in your life. Almost like an old feng shui, getting rid of the old to make room for the new. A reset that arrives directly to your brain.

Space Clearing  is based on the presupposition that whatever happens in a room, every situation played between those walls, leaves behind a charge of enegy (positive or negative) that get absorbed by the objects and by the enviornment. The first step towards wellness consists in eliminating all the big and little things accumulating in the drawers, boxs, garage and that we don’t have the courage to throw them away with the illusion that one day they might become useful.

Instead they are just wasting enery and old stagnant energy that get blocked causing sadness and depression.

Where to start? From the room that has the most discomfort (like all the rooms are filled with stuff? Really where to start?) Do we really eed all those objects? If in the last 2 years they haven’t been touched, then they need to go to my GARAGE SALE!!

You must start where the disorder is most evident, eliminating all the paper (done that) like old newspapers and magazines that take up old energy. I completly rip them apart – images I use for collage/decoupage, recipes I keep and I rip out all the events and articles and write about them here. Then I bring them to school and they use them for collages and THEN they get thrown out. I’ll post a picture of what I did last with my magazines.

Put the things in containers if they are out of place. (tying). At last throw away at least one object that does not serve any purpose. Small or big, its the ritual that counts.

The gestures are liberating and the energy goes up with every bag of garbage (I love throwing out garbage and have a back balcony full of because I can only throw it out once a week).

There are precise correlations between rooms and their spirit. So do a change of season and put all the seasonal stuff away and get the new ones out. Unfortunately, we aren’t able as it rains all the time and spring is not coming!!!

Objects that remind you of negative experiences or people, like objects that caused  arguments. Objects that don’t go with other things, colours are different and accumulate dust. Things that take up too must space, small tables that take up space, paintings not framed, photo albums that are half done.


They even have an ORDER RESTORER ! Just try to keep things clean if at all possible and in this house it is NOT EASY!!

Casa Natura B&B in Verona

8 May

Casa Natura Bed and Breakfast in Verona

 This is a place to stay on your visit to Verona! I hope to also do my Art Retreat here. Un progetto in due is a beautiful B&B that uses the philosphy of nature, conscious biological gardens and enviornmentally safe house, as its motto. The rooms are fantastic

Crocus Rose room

 A natural and comfortable place to stay, with personal pleasures offered and a serious project involved. This is the place for you!

The wapping project

3 May

wrapping project

 The Londoner Jules Wright, set designer for the theatre and cinema is an inventor of innovative spaces. The cult Wapping Project is the new deal, an industrial archeological site transformed into an intelligent artistic and performance space and restauant that is a cool and “in” place to go. All placed in an austere 1900’s building where steel, zinc and cement overrun the place.

Jules this year ran the installation at the Swarovski Crystal Palace Exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April, an incubator for cutting edge design, demonstrated the merging of art,design, science and technology. Each of the 4 designer’s creative expression was captured in single room installations,captivating the imagination of each visitor. The final designs were a combination of sculptural pieces, art objects,or works which had a decidedly architectural quality. The exhibition brought on board the The Wapping Project in London and with a  background in theatre,  created a mise-en-scène that brought dramatic life to the different designers’ works.

I’m a director of public spaces. I treat design like a live performance”.,