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Artist_Andrea Mastrovito

21 Jul

In and out of life

Andrea Mastrovito, a young artist from Bergamo, ironic, passionate about his work (of course!) and about the magic forests of butterflies…multicolour butterflies or black and white.

Colour is a firey lover. I move continually between its presence and its absence, like a poem by Dante.

Paintings that are mysterious, delicate paper collages, explosive site specific installations to get attention a historical places.


Artist_Giovanni Frangi

18 Jul

serigrafia materica di 12 passi

The Milanese artist Giovanni Frangi, utilizes colour as an emotional presence.

He is inspired by nature and transforms forests, lakes and leaves into places of the spirit, where the murmur of light breezes, the pelting of rain, thunderous sound of a waterfall are transformed into the soul’s yearning.


Artist_Aron Demetz

18 Jul

Now, this is a new artist for me and I would like to explore his works for you (whoever you are???!!)

Wood for Aron Demetz is what marble was for Canova (for example Le Tre Grazie) : natural, a friend and a beginning point (but also an arrival point) for his whole life. Get it?


Contemporary art is now about video, installations and performance. Forget it, Aron is about chisels, punches and  files: all tools for wood sculpture. He talks about people (like Valerio Berruti does), only using tree trunks, resins and chunks of wood.

Aron lives in Val Gardena, in the Italian Alps and one of my fav places, where forests and mountains condition your every movement. Kids playgrounds and toys, kitchen tools, the sculptures in the little villages: everything is made of wood. So for him, it was a natural choice to use wood as his medium.

He takes a trunk of wood, brings it into the studio, makes a sketch  and turns on the chainsaw (this is not a chainsaw massacre, but a chainsaw creation!). Once he gets the volume that he likes, he redefines it with an axe and then with hot scalpels.

Compare this to Michelangelo Pistoletto, who takes a block of wood, slices an angle from it and adds mirrors.

Log, 1999

The magic from a block of wood! The “Michelangelo” of wood sculpture, for as you know, Michi knew that the figure was inside the marble and had to be sculpted out from the true form that was inside.

Aron does this with his sculptures: they cry to be released from their natural state. 

Well worth a visit.

image of Pistoletto courtesy of

Artist_ Valerio Berruti

16 Jul

Valerio Berruti’s work talk about kids that play, kids that are “malinconici” and sweet, kids that sit there and stare, don’t do anything, little girls outlined in dresses and pinafores, with undershirts on.


Family photo albums insiprie him, everyday life inspires him.

I believe in the poetry of the image and in that silence that remains unaltered for years between a work of art and who looks at it.

Valerio Berruti, born 1977, , is already a Art Star. With his series I Wish I Was Special , whose title was inspired by a Creep of Radiohead, investigates the themes of personality and the magic moment when it comes out.

Two little girls that play, hold hands, hold each other, they come close and they move away, they look at each other and they look away.

My friend Tiziano has a Berruti, my lawyer has one. Should I get one? I don’t have a little girl, I can’t appreciate the “little girlness” of the works,  even though I have always wanted a little girl. Is that what it is – the wonderful world of little girls….

Image of Valerio courtesy of

Pierluigi Calignano – time scenographer

27 Apr

door structures

 The work of Pierluigi Calignano, artist from Puglia migrated to Milan, explores fantastic worlds that live between sculpture, installation and artisan craftsmanship. From the robots to impossibile machines, from the fairytale cities to the submarine decorated as architecture. Pierluigi develops visionary situations, with a sophisticated construction, utilizing everyday materials which he then completly deforms and reconstructs something new in its function and use. He has had numerous one man and collective shows between galleries, museums and residencies. He went to New York in 2007 for a prestigious artist-in-residence. I liked his work when I saw him at Colombo Art at ARt Verona. Someone to watch.

Arabeschi di latte – food events

27 Apr

Futurist dinner

Dinner in Verona

The group of  five young Florentine architects created in 2001, Arabeschi di Latte, is a creative conglomerate about food and the passion for being together around food. Francesca Sarta, Alessandra Foschi, Silvia Allori, Francesca Pazzagli and Francesca Sorga make “eating events” between art, fashion and a live show, occasions where food is the instrument to create relations, pleasure and socialization. Also creativity at its most! They do them at homes or in the piazzas, with the active participation of the public. I wanted to do a dinner with them at Palazzo Forti: we had planned on having hundreds of green apples all lined up that would be peel all twirled and the apple peel would become the carpet. Didn’t happen. The catering aspects are inspired by the everyday and the popular culture. They even opened up a shop called Mia Market in Rome. Don’t live there, so can’t see their stuff. But they did do this dinner in Verona and a Futurist dinner too. Love them.