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More things like this (Chronicle Books)

21 Jul

This book by Dave Egger looks great. A must to buy, with all these great artists. Don’t know what its about though!!!

check out the Artists in this book:
Amy Jean Porter

All the species, all the time, of lamb 2008


Tucker Nichols
Royal Art Lodge

Postermaking, Royal Art Lodge

or better yet, check out the article in Marie Claire


Sex (Art) and the City

13 Jul

A Draw-a-thon in NYC! A marathon of drawing and art where, in between avantgarde and voyeurism, punk painters and models in a tutu, posing nude is not even a trasgressive act!

living art

 The artists perform and the people draw…surreal scenes where a room full of people, music, scenes and craziness.  check him out next time your in NYC for the next session!

 foto courtesy of fast forward blog

great article in Marie Claire Italy

Pensieri della Vita e pace

13 Jul

CHINUA ACHEBE, Nigerian writer, professor at Brown

Seguite quello che vi afferra da dentro e che vi viene meglio, qualunque cosa sia. Nessunopuò insegnarti chi sei e di che cosa hai bisogno.


Stringi stringi, salta fuori che l’autentico miracolo della vita è la vita stessa. Abbiamo la technologia, la capacità di costruire macchine e strade, ma non abbiamo gli strumenti per capire cosa c’è dentro un essere umano. Certo, esistone le religioni: ma sono così imbevute di traditizione da avere trasferito tutto all’esterno, in rituali e ceremonie. E’ vero, l’Oriente si preoccupa di scoprire ci sei dentro, dal punto di vista spirituale. Ma la parola “spirituale” non si dovrebbe nemmeno usare. Il punto è scoprire chi sei davvero. Accettarlo. E accorgersi che il paradiso è qui e ora. Se metti in conto questo, poi arriva anche la pace.
Ma la pace è un lavoro privato e non un negoziato, dove alle fine c’è sempre qualcuno che ci perde. La pace è qualcosa che trovi per te, punto. Guardarsi dentro, ascoltarsi, essere consapevoli. E’ anche frustante, perchè tu sei l’osservatore e insieme l’osservato. E non resta che venire a patti con questo. Ecco che cosè la coscienza: arrendersi e accettarsi. Magari fallirai in modo orrendo, ma abbracciare l’incertezza è un processo creativo che dà l’energia per andare avanti. E anche l’unico modo per veder e sentire gli altri. E provare compassione.


Una buona testa e un cuore buono sono sempre una combinazione formidabile. Sono poche le disgrazie di qeusto  mondo che non puoi trasformare in un trionfo personale. Se hai una volontà di ferro e la capacità  necessria. Ciò che distingue una persona da un’altra non è quello che le è stato dato ma cosa ne fa. E la più grande arma di sviluppo che oguno possiede è la pace.

FRANK GEHRY, architect from Toronto

E’ importante capire l’impressione che si fa agli altri: dopodischè si possono presentare le proprie idee, e aprire i giochi in grande stile. E cose stanno così: se sei sciocco la gente lo sa, ma se non sai che lo sa, perdi inuitmente il tuo tempo. Sintonizzarsi, essere ricettivi è basilare. Gli studenti di architttura dovrebbero preoccuparsi di questo, e poi di essere se stessi sennza sentirsi gravati dal passato. Lo dico ache agli artisti: “La vostra opera migliore è l’espressione di voi stessi”.

we feel fine

22 May

I feel that we are full of wonderous awe at who we are and the opening of the world around us

I feel overwhelmed with all the creative things I want to do

Every emotion, every feeling of every body is documented in this site that calculates the feelings on the social web. It takes them into one big melting pot and divides them up into colours and sex, location, weather, age and a world emotion is brewing on the internet.

we feel fine

It finds out what we say when we use anatomy to describe how we are: heart, head, stomach, chest, legs, arms, fingers, toes.

How destiny has entered our lives according to palm reading: life, heart, head, sex, money, fortune, health, spirit, trips, marriage, destiny, fame.

Every time you click on the website, you get hundreds of small coloured dots that explode with emotional words and pictures with words and colours and people and emotions and colours and pictures.

You MUST check it out.

Plan your trip to Italy with me!

11 May

It’s time to fulfill your dreams of travelling to Italy like you have never dreamed of before!

After 25 years living here in Italy, I can arrange unforgettable holidays and events all over this fascinating country, not only in the much loved cities of  Florence and all time favourite Tuscany, but also the lesser known areas such as the Veneto region, which is famous for its beautiful artistic cities like Padua and Venice and the romantic Verona with its famous wines (Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicella) and the nearby jewel  Lake Garda and

The hills of Verona

Lake Garda

and also Trentino Alto Adige in the north which is famous for beautiful mountains, and enchanting landscapes and good food.

Trentino Alto Adige

The most seeked out place now for eco-turismo is trekking in Le Cinque Terre and I can organize your wonderful walk there in a snap!

Vernazza from above by trekking

Do you want to hike and trek or go on bike tours into incredible country villages, through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world on well maintained bike and hiking paths? I can prepare a fitness-nature holiday like you have never experienced in your life! Including hay baths, spas and biological food from some of the most seeked out areas of Italy. Do you want to try rafting or canyoning or going into caves? Don’t worry! How about a walking tour in the Lake District of Lake Como and Maggiore, with a hop over to Lake Lugano! No problem! Don’t forget, we will stay in some of the most prized hotels, or cosiest charme hotels or boutique hotels with fantastic food, worthy of your work out!

biking in the Dolomites

I can also provide a highly exclusive, innovative and personal way in which to travel and entertain in Italy. I offer a range of unique services based upon unparalleled local knowledge and unprecedented access to palaces, homes, art collections, sculpture parks, foundations, museums and galleries throughout Northern Italy.

I specialise in travel planning and create tailor-made itineraries for individuals and small groups interested in visiting, or entertaining in, Italy’s most prestigious museums and monuments, private palaces and art collections, many of which are simply inaccessible to the general public. I take great pleasure in arranging introductions to distinguished and flamboyant figures in the Italian  art world, culture and society. I can take you into their private realms like artist’s studios, wine cellars and private palaces. These fascinating people will play host to my clients and offer an unparalleled experience, one which unveils the hidden realms of a country that one may believe oneself to be familiar with.

I offer complete planning for private parties or high-level corporate events in Italy and I am prepared to arrange programmes of entertainment for high net worth individuals, in the major cities  of the North.

I have worked closely with many of Italy’s well-known institutions on a regular basis, including La Biennale di Venezia,  the Uffizi in Florence, St Mark’s Basilica, The Doges Palace in Venice, Castello di Rivoli in Torino, Museum of Modern Art of Roverto (MART) – Italy’s foremost museum of Contemporary Art.

I have a privileged relationship with some the finest hotels in Northern Italy and unique places like Rural Agriturismo and Bed & Breakfasts of Charme in Italy and my clients always receive VIP treatment during their stays. I also know all the finest Beauty Spas in Northern Italy and can plan a fabulous weekend of relax, wellness and the best custom massage treatment ever! I have the added benefit of being able to secure room allocations during their busiest and most requested periods such as Biennale in Venice, along with free tickets! I  have access to a portfolio of private villas and palaces that are currently off the general market, but that can be rented on  request, as well as acquired in certain circumstances.

I can also give you the guided tours you always wanted, as I am a specialist Art Historian of Italian art of the Renaissance and of course, modern and contemporary art. I am also a fine connessieur of wines and regional foods, I know the language, the history, the culture, the local customs and if I don’t know it, I’ll soon find out! The expert on Italy is me! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Space Clearing

10 May

How much fun it is to organize and keep everything in order!

I wish I had this space clearing space

Detoxifing our house is like giving you new space- clean up and put away and open yourself up! This is what I am doing now with all my accumulated articles, websites, exhibition reviews…I am taking them all and putting them into once space, all filed away and then they are happy where they are. I have read them, my brain has absorbed all their knowledge, I become richer and now whoever reads my blog can share in this knowledge with me. And I can throw out the article and get rid of paper! Clean up! My mind and myhuge file of articles!

Are you depressed? Clean out your closet.

Difficult to make decisions about life? Don’t do all the useless stuff that takes up your time (like maybe writing this blog, but I don’t think so). Finally space clearing is coming to Italy! It means cleaning up the space around you and get rid of cluter and junk that accumulates in your rooms and in your life. Almost like an old feng shui, getting rid of the old to make room for the new. A reset that arrives directly to your brain.

Space Clearing  is based on the presupposition that whatever happens in a room, every situation played between those walls, leaves behind a charge of enegy (positive or negative) that get absorbed by the objects and by the enviornment. The first step towards wellness consists in eliminating all the big and little things accumulating in the drawers, boxs, garage and that we don’t have the courage to throw them away with the illusion that one day they might become useful.

Instead they are just wasting enery and old stagnant energy that get blocked causing sadness and depression.

Where to start? From the room that has the most discomfort (like all the rooms are filled with stuff? Really where to start?) Do we really eed all those objects? If in the last 2 years they haven’t been touched, then they need to go to my GARAGE SALE!!

You must start where the disorder is most evident, eliminating all the paper (done that) like old newspapers and magazines that take up old energy. I completly rip them apart – images I use for collage/decoupage, recipes I keep and I rip out all the events and articles and write about them here. Then I bring them to school and they use them for collages and THEN they get thrown out. I’ll post a picture of what I did last with my magazines.

Put the things in containers if they are out of place. (tying). At last throw away at least one object that does not serve any purpose. Small or big, its the ritual that counts.

The gestures are liberating and the energy goes up with every bag of garbage (I love throwing out garbage and have a back balcony full of because I can only throw it out once a week).

There are precise correlations between rooms and their spirit. So do a change of season and put all the seasonal stuff away and get the new ones out. Unfortunately, we aren’t able as it rains all the time and spring is not coming!!!

Objects that remind you of negative experiences or people, like objects that caused  arguments. Objects that don’t go with other things, colours are different and accumulate dust. Things that take up too must space, small tables that take up space, paintings not framed, photo albums that are half done.


They even have an ORDER RESTORER ! Just try to keep things clean if at all possible and in this house it is NOT EASY!!

love yourself

2 May


 To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to seek yourself is to have found yourself for now.

And now is all we have and love is who we are….