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Pensieri della Vita e pace

13 Jul

CHINUA ACHEBE, Nigerian writer, professor at Brown

Seguite quello che vi afferra da dentro e che vi viene meglio, qualunque cosa sia. Nessunopuò insegnarti chi sei e di che cosa hai bisogno.


Stringi stringi, salta fuori che l’autentico miracolo della vita è la vita stessa. Abbiamo la technologia, la capacità di costruire macchine e strade, ma non abbiamo gli strumenti per capire cosa c’è dentro un essere umano. Certo, esistone le religioni: ma sono così imbevute di traditizione da avere trasferito tutto all’esterno, in rituali e ceremonie. E’ vero, l’Oriente si preoccupa di scoprire ci sei dentro, dal punto di vista spirituale. Ma la parola “spirituale” non si dovrebbe nemmeno usare. Il punto è scoprire chi sei davvero. Accettarlo. E accorgersi che il paradiso è qui e ora. Se metti in conto questo, poi arriva anche la pace.
Ma la pace è un lavoro privato e non un negoziato, dove alle fine c’è sempre qualcuno che ci perde. La pace è qualcosa che trovi per te, punto. Guardarsi dentro, ascoltarsi, essere consapevoli. E’ anche frustante, perchè tu sei l’osservatore e insieme l’osservato. E non resta che venire a patti con questo. Ecco che cosè la coscienza: arrendersi e accettarsi. Magari fallirai in modo orrendo, ma abbracciare l’incertezza è un processo creativo che dà l’energia per andare avanti. E anche l’unico modo per veder e sentire gli altri. E provare compassione.


Una buona testa e un cuore buono sono sempre una combinazione formidabile. Sono poche le disgrazie di qeusto  mondo che non puoi trasformare in un trionfo personale. Se hai una volontà di ferro e la capacità  necessria. Ciò che distingue una persona da un’altra non è quello che le è stato dato ma cosa ne fa. E la più grande arma di sviluppo che oguno possiede è la pace.

FRANK GEHRY, architect from Toronto

E’ importante capire l’impressione che si fa agli altri: dopodischè si possono presentare le proprie idee, e aprire i giochi in grande stile. E cose stanno così: se sei sciocco la gente lo sa, ma se non sai che lo sa, perdi inuitmente il tuo tempo. Sintonizzarsi, essere ricettivi è basilare. Gli studenti di architttura dovrebbero preoccuparsi di questo, e poi di essere se stessi sennza sentirsi gravati dal passato. Lo dico ache agli artisti: “La vostra opera migliore è l’espressione di voi stessi”.


we feel fine

22 May

I feel that we are full of wonderous awe at who we are and the opening of the world around us

I feel overwhelmed with all the creative things I want to do

Every emotion, every feeling of every body is documented in this site that calculates the feelings on the social web. It takes them into one big melting pot and divides them up into colours and sex, location, weather, age and a world emotion is brewing on the internet.

we feel fine

It finds out what we say when we use anatomy to describe how we are: heart, head, stomach, chest, legs, arms, fingers, toes.

How destiny has entered our lives according to palm reading: life, heart, head, sex, money, fortune, health, spirit, trips, marriage, destiny, fame.

Every time you click on the website, you get hundreds of small coloured dots that explode with emotional words and pictures with words and colours and people and emotions and colours and pictures.

You MUST check it out.

Learn to say NO!

2 May

so many things

  • Now you have to make mistakes to find out who you AREN’T.
  • You take the action and your insight follows.
  • You don’t thinkyour way into becoming yourself, you DO IT!
  • Every single day, try to figure out something you no longer agree to do, you can say NO!
  • Then you can realize what you really WANT TO DO!

Being Happy

2 May

Jennifer and Mummy in Merano at the historical Forst Beer garden

 When it comes to matters of the heart, people get better with age. As you grow and become truly happy with who you are, you can then be happy with those around you.

Rachel Roy, fashion designer, O magazine, Feb. 2010

Soul searching from long ago

2 May




HAMMURABI cuneiform


My beloved. The delight of my eyes”

So says a poem inscribed in cuneiform in  a lump of clay approximately 4000 years ago.

Daydreaming about your sweetheart may boost inventiveness and help you come up with creative ideas while sexual thoughts may help you solve an analytical puzzle.

So lets D A Y D R E A M

summer Art retreat in Italy 2010

1 May

An Italian Art Extravaganza!

A weeklong program of Rejuvenation, Revelation and Relationships to spark your creativity!

For aspiring artists or artists who want to be inspired

Paint in Italy! An intensive art and cultural course on inspiration sought out by the beauty, history and delicacies offered in an unique Italian environment. An exploration of ancient, modern and contemporary all mixed together.

The scenery is the best of Italy and the course is unique and exclusive.

Experience some of the most gorgeous scenery in Italy in this artistic and cultural journey in the hills of Verona. A real insiders overview with fabulous landscapes, a slice of Italian history, demonstrations, wine tours, cookery class, talks and visits to many artists studios and museums and galleries.

Spend your summer in Verona engaging in intensive studio work.

Paint in the Valpolicella and Lago di Garda, where sky meets lake we are hosting our new plein-air painting workshop. Celebrated and beautifully preserved ancient villages that spill down to the crystal blue lake – the perfect venue for a painter!

Presenting your teacher:

Jennifer Karch Verzè, Canadian International Art Educator and art historian, expert in Italian art, culture and cuisine. Residing in Verona for 25 years in the Valpolicella wine region

Jennifer’s motto, “Be curious and creative”.

Join me for week long ART ADVENTURE ESCURSION in our research art atelier-studio in the heart of the exclusive and peaceful grounds of the 16 th century Ca’ Vendri, just minutes outside of  VERONA.

What awaits you:  Art And Pampering in an ancient BOUTIQUE  Villa  UNIQUELY COMBINING CHARM AND LUXURY. Our Art workshop retreats offer all encompassing cultural and creative experiences.

Through daily walks of the historic venues in picturesque Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, the Valpolicella hillsides, through the fields of vineyards, cherry and olive trees, taking old country pathways and trails that only the “cognoscenti” know where they are.

The art classes, workshops and courses in art history, fine arts, art+design, career development, illustration, photography, ceramics and MUCH MORE are designed for vacationers, travelers, residents and part-time residents…Anyone who would like to add ART to their life or vacation experience.

Whether you pre-plan your trip around an art experience, or arrive in Verona or Lake Garda and decide that you want to participate in a class, workshop, retreat or excursion while visiting – please feel free to call us or email and ask about what art experiences we might be offering while you are in town.  We provide opportunities to refresh artistic vision, acquire new skills or simply try a new medium. Small classes offer one-to-one attention by expert instructors.

Our distinguished teachers include professional and working artists and designers, historians and educators. Through their dedication and commitment, their courses fosters lifetime learning and strive to cultivate community and global interaction. Educators craft innovative curriculum while exploring refreshing art studios. For the accomplished artist and the novice, the studio classes provide opportunities to refresh artistic vision, acquire new skills or simply try a new medium. Small classes offer one-to-one attention by expert instructors.

Live well – study art!!

Get serious about your creative style.

Build a foundation in basic art concepts.

Sharpen your creativity and artistic expertise by taking classes in the countryside of  Verona.

Visiting artists and guest presenters will be coming to develop a familiarity with contemporary art and artists, as well as learn strategies for integrating related themes and working processes into the classroom. Using the educational methods and materials along with museum and studio visits, participants will return to their school with units of study.

Added to the beauty of the area and the daily outings, will be the daily art lessons taking place in the historic villa, nestled in the countryside of vineyards and fruit trees.

Enjoy a unique opportunity to get away for a total immersion into art making under the guidance of professional artists and art instructors. Surround yourself with the inspiring and beautiful atmosphere of an ancient villa immersed in the vineyards and hills retreat located about 10 minutes from the historic center of Verona, Italy. The retreat provides comfortable lodging with private bath, and delicious meals for these weeklong workshops.

Not to be forgotten is the culinary cuisine of the area with wine tours of the local famous wineries to taste the Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto along with local food and delicacies.

Every day will be an ART ADVENTURE in every SENSE of the word.

Yours in art,

Arrivaderci a Verona!


for information, please contact me at this blog.