Artist_Andrea Mastrovito

21 Jul

In and out of life

Andrea Mastrovito, a young artist from Bergamo, ironic, passionate about his work (of course!) and about the magic forests of butterflies…multicolour butterflies or black and white.

Colour is a firey lover. I move continually between its presence and its absence, like a poem by Dante.

Paintings that are mysterious, delicate paper collages, explosive site specific installations to get attention a historical places.


Photographer_Josef Hoflehner

19 Jul 



People say that Josef Hoflehner is one of the few photographers able to transform landscape into art. Austrian, 55ish, Josef has passed a lifetime taking photos of lakes, deserts, waterfalls and green landscape covered in fog. 

jet airliner


The new series called Jet Airliner, shows planes scraping the earth with people around. Boeing 747 that fly over beaches or highways, airbuses that look like they are going to touch the heads of people or of girls in their bikinis in the water. And all  religiously photographed in B&W. 


foto courtesy of:

Artist_Stephan Balkenhol

19 Jul

Stephan Balkenhol, Tre nudi femminili, 2006, legno di wawa dipinto, h 250 cm ca. Londra, collezione privata J.P.D. Geertman

Another wood artist that carves people out of blocks of wood: Stephan Balkenhol loves wood more than anything else. Women that hide in the trunk of a cedar tree, faces inlaid in a log.  His casual and undistinguished “guys and gals”, enigmatic and somewhat sad, are inspired by people he has photographed on the street.

Credit: Christine Jegan

 The artist makes these figures from soft wood (poplar or African wawa) cut with a power saw, hammer, and chisel creating rich surfaces where every mark of the chisel is visible. Calling to mind the great tradition of German figurative sculpture in wood and the expressionist heritage of the Germans, Balkenhol’s people are curiously devoid of emotion and have been described as “German Expressionism without the expressionism.”

I first saw Stephan Balkenhol’s work at the exhibition “Past Present Future”, a collection of work organized by the Unicredit Group Art Collection at Palazzo della Ragione in Verona 2010, with a giant man’s head in the center of the section “Face to Face”.

Testa maschile

Stephan claims: The people that I photograph on the street have no uneasiness. I show with irony the people of our times.”

What do you think about this German artist? Could you be one of his average people?

Artist_Jennifer Steinkamp

18 Jul


Californian artist Jennifer Steinkamp, creates virtual trees as if they were in an earthly paradise…photographs/installations/video/multimedia art. Her works don’t have a story to tell, there is no beginning, no middle or end. Yet, through the images in movement, she can evoke stories. Just like a photograph and a painting can tell a story.


Jennifer’s (nice name!) trees, flowers, lights, urban landscapes are always moving because she likes the unsettled state of tension that the movement of air can give to us. Her trees are “possessed” by movement and that makes them almost alive.

By looking at her works, one experiences their own humanity. And maybe even is more attuned to how perceptions are strictly connected to emotions. Have a look….

 Sundance: :


Illustrator_Leanne Shapton

18 Jul
The taste for images, the talent to talk about things and a creative idea snob about love. Leanne Shapton is an illustrator, writer and designer. A Canadian who lives in the West Village of Manhattan, who has signed great book covers for Penguin, Simon& Schuster and John Murray.

(like this one…Italian cats….)

Today, Leanne is an independent art director and publisher and has a non-profit publishing house specialized in art  books (J&L Books) in NY.

Her first two books “Toronto”,

and  Was she pretty?” are a mix of graphics, writing and colourful pages.

With her latest book, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelryshe has decided to talk about things, like auction artifacts with 300 still lives that tell about a love story.,

Artist_Paul McCarthy

18 Jul

Complex Shit

Paul McCarthy, the L.A. based American artist, has a career that spans the last 40 years and is one of the most controversial and fascinating artists of contemporary art. He’s widely known for his early performances involved with Barbie dolls and Vaseline. 

Currently he is making giant inflatable sculptures and exhibiting them worldwide. This piece, titled Complex Shit, was displayed over in Switzerland. One of the pieces of shit was picked up by the wind and eventually brought down a power line, broke a window, and ended up in the yard of a children’s home. 

“Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum

Inflatable artwork blown from moorings and brings down power line”

 The Guardian

To put it into perspective, the pieces of shit were each respectively, the size of a house.  Now that’s some complex shit.

Pig Island, his latest work organized by  Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milano (

Wax people queuing

McCarthy has transformed famous people such as Angelina Jolie, Liz Taylor, Elizabeth II, presidents, dancers, Santa Clauses into grotesque figures.

 His aim is to go to extremes with the  clichés of a moralist American culture, combining glamour with the “dark side” of the American Dream. He shocks and amuses people with the famous combination: politics and sex.

However, many people critique this type of work for example: 

How Far Is Too Far?   Contemporary artists have made work depicting graphic sexual acts, damaging property, injuring their own bodies, or paying others to alter theirs. But when does art cross the line from avant-garde to unacceptable? by Phoebe Hoban


Artist_Giovanni Frangi

18 Jul

serigrafia materica di 12 passi

The Milanese artist Giovanni Frangi, utilizes colour as an emotional presence.

He is inspired by nature and transforms forests, lakes and leaves into places of the spirit, where the murmur of light breezes, the pelting of rain, thunderous sound of a waterfall are transformed into the soul’s yearning.