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A Painted Kiss…Klimt’s art continues

31 Oct

“…I found a woman with red hair leaning against a slick dark tree trunk. It elicited a lecture on CONTRAST.

“…I saw the work of Klimt..the cartoons…They were only long rolls of paper fixed to the wall, but they were filled with light, like crystal chandeliers. I stepped very close to look at the brushstrokes. The paint slid across the paper in rivers and trickled down in rivulets.”

The artists studio “…had taped things to the walls: a color wheel, newspaper clippings about an actress named Limova from Moscow who had toured the European capital, engravings of buildings in Rome that had obviously been ripped from books, postcards, sketches of cubes and cylinders with measurements penciled in beside them.

Porträt der Eugenia (Mäda) Primavesi (1912)

“I gazed across the room at a pile of chairs in the corner next to the window. They were upside down and on their sides and stacked one on top of the other, the ones near the top dangling precariously. In the gray light they cast no shadow. It was like a pile of bones from the slaughterhouse. I tried to memorize the parallel lines and right angles and triangles and various tones of dark and light. Slowly the shapes sharpened into distinct pieces. I began to see each individual chair. It was a haphazard collection, begged and borrowed from friends and relatives: a stool painted white, a warped rocking chair, a tattered sofa….”



Moving on… to the fabulous mural Medicine designed by Gustav Klimt for the Great Hall of Vienna University. It was destroyed by fire in the Immendorf Palace in 1945, so only copies are now left. It was originally criticised for being a “lewd” representation of the Goddess, who is an allegory for Medicine.


Medicine, University Hall

… Alone on the left side was a nude woman, arms outstretched, who floated in space, held aloft by a watery substance, like amniotic fluid. Here was the obscene girl. Her pelvis was tilted forward in a suggestive way. All of the figures seemed to be suspended in the same viscous liquid. They were clumped on the left side of the painting like a pile of corpses. Some were in fact skeletons, shrouded in the long hair of hers. Pregnant woman, old men; all of humanity was included, suffering, tormented, dying.

It was nightmarish painting….it’s a philosophical work.




In the center her name is…HYGEIA, the goddess of health.

….” In Gustav’s allegory of medicine, Hygeia was in the foreground, looking like an avenging angel, dark, mysterious. I could not help but thing she was an Adele Bloch-Bauer type. Had he been thinking of her? Hygeia was hardly compassionate-looking type, holding her snake and cup. You could not be sure whether she was coming to heal you or kill you.


Portrait of Adele Block Bauer

This is Adele…



Match the artists with the Key Art Words

27 May

Match the artists or works of art with the Key Art Words!

New Guinea Eating pot

follower of Chang Lu; Ming dynasty and Che School
Chinese, 1464-1538 A Poet Contemplating a Waterfall, about 1525 ink, light colors on silk The Minneapolis

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1922 
James Rosenquist, Area Code,1970
Georgia O,Keefe, Lake George Barns, 1926
Henri Matisse French, 1869-1954 Woman with Folded Hands, 1918-1919
Egon Schiele, Portrait of Paris von Gütersloh, 1918 oil on canvas
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Paul Klee, Howling Dog, 1928 oil on canvas The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Odilon Redon, Death, my irony surpasses all others! 1889, lithograph on chine collé, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Paul Cézanne ,Chestnut Trees at the Jas de Bouffan, 1885-1886, oil on canvas The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Suzanne Caporael ,Seeing Things: Rain, 1990 color woodcut
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Gift of the Print and Drawing Council

Bridget Riley, Suspension, 1964, emulsion on wood Walker Art Center Gift
Joan Miro’, Intifada, Person throwing a Stone at a bird, 1926

THAT QUILT – victoria and albert museum, london

21 May

Tracy Emin. Patchwork

You know, I love quilts. My grandmother, Nanny, made quilts all by hand. My Auntie Shirley, good seamstress that she is, made many many quilts for her daughters, but never gave me one (boo hoo!) . I tried to make my quilt here in Italy when they didn’t even know what they were. Now patchworking and quilting is a big business, but I don’t have a sewing machine, so I do everything by hand and real quilting is not possible.

I love sewing by hand, and with all my speciality interior designer materials, I make all sorts of things…in front of the tv and ruining my eyes and I do it, stitch by stitch.

Quilting is the beginning of women’s art – Judy Chicago, one of the first well known WOMAN artist’s did quilting in an artistic way and got recognition as an artist for it.

This exhibition tells about 300 years of quilts, covers, blankets and textile art. The V&A is hosting an exhibit called Quilts 1700-2010 tahta explores the artistic and philosphic side of patchwork. It really is slow moving, but also real women’s art, as is Michele’s, my sister, who sews and sews and sews her art.

We are all sewers in our family, the quiet artistic hand held type.


Jennifer Karch’s Art Class

1 May

Jennifer Karch’s Art Class


Escher, Drawing Hands

Art History

      Art Criticism


                   Artistic Movements

Leonardo’s Annunciation at the Uffizi

Line Shape Form

 look at the world around us


 The Mirror and the Mask, Portraiture in the Age of Picasso,

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza